Something else to consider is that if the situation was caused by PPD, the feeling that the depression generates are still real, and that means that the damage and distance felt by you doesn't magically disappear as the PPD subsides. You have to work at retraining your thinking.

Honestly, the babe that I had which prompted PPD, caused me to have negative feelings for that child and there have been many times over the years that I have had to force feelings that I sadly thought should flow naturally. I have had to sit myself down and remind myself that I really do love that sweet little boy.

I think that this causes relationship breakdowns sometimes. So "working" on the bond is very important. I also think managing this is part of what parenting is. I know the rewards of trying, and the work, are immense. And I also know that the relationship that you work a little harder to develop, than the average mom/child relationship, is a super strong one.

As I said, again, it comes down to perspective. It is true how you think will be revealed.