Thank you MomsPaula, Dez, Cela, Simp! I really appreciate your advice and understanding. I know I'm probably the 5% or less who are so scared of being a mom. But I wanted to get help, I pray that I'll be able to enjoy this process. I am not just complaining, I talked to conselors, I talked to my husband, I posted here because I know this is not healthy for me, for my baby, and my whole family. I think I'm doing better and better now. Actually both me and my husband spend as much time as possible with our daugther, we sing, we tell stories, we laugh. We started to enjoy her a lot more, maybe because she is not yet the terrible 2. smile But we used to talk a lot, about investment, about our own business, about everything in life. But now we spend all the time with a baby, and by the time she goes to sleep, I am already very tired. So you are right, I need to come up with a plan to make sure we still have "us" time. I keep telling myself, I'm already a very lucky person, I should just enjoy what I have and appreciate them.

Thank you again!

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