I have to say I did not get the "MOMMY GENE" either. I was 17 when I had my first child and my mom was not pro abortion at all. I didn't think I was either however, I do not think having a child young is a good idea. I think you end up resenting the child for everything. No one tells you all the [censored] you have to go through as a mom. I had gotton into another relationship getting married and having two more. Things seamed fine between the two of us. I thought we had it handled for the most part. Then he decided he wanted out. I think he couldn't stand the demands of the kids. So he left. Leaving me with now three kids that I have to just about sell myself to support. On top of that NONE of the kids give two shits about anything and waste everything!! I have to work all the time so I am not home to keep control of everyone so, I have a mad parent on my door step just about every few months. My kids hit theirs or broke something or whatever! I am in the middle of taking him to court to give up custody. Hummm Have you ever heard of that?? I agree that the lying to everone sucks because all anyone says when I fuss about life is "well at least you have three wonderful kids" That is like saying well at least you have those hemorrhoids in your butt! I feel like the life is being sucked out of me slowly and he got a new lease on life well I got stuck with the [censored]. So I guess what I am saying is that if you and your partner feel you have made a mistake act now! The older the child gets the harder it will be due to guilt of the child remembering you. If one of you hits that point and wants out, the first one out wins their freedom back. Then you will feel real pressure and resentment towards the child and the x.