Jenny, congratulations! Cela is right! You sound so UPBEAT and confident! You sound like a happy, proud mother!

I am so glad that you came back to post and let us know how you are doing!! You HAVE made the adjustment from NO CHILDREN to PARENTHOOD and it sounds like you are really doing a good job! A good mother does read stories, sing and play with her baby, and does get tired. So my suggestion is to take a nap, whenever your little girl takes a nap, so you have more energy for your husband at night!

Children don't really have a "whole year" of bad behaviors like terrible twos or frightful fours. Usually those are when there are big growth spurts or alot of independent steps being taken. They don't last very long and if you have patience and good humor, you will realize that she is just growing up from what you are used to. Again, Cela had excellant advice about concentrating on modelling the behavior you want her to learn.

I am so happy to hear that you no longer "hate being a mom" and are trying to do all the things that you are doing. It really sounds like you have a great attitude, and that is going to make all the difference in the world, as your daughter grows up to be a "BRIGHT STAR" in your life! It does get a little easier each passing year, I think.

I wish you continued good luck and best wishes! God bless you and your husband, Jenny, as you continue to work together to be loving parents!