For little children who are not in school, just establish simple routines:

*AM routine
*morning activities
*afternoon activities
*PM routine

But then, do work in a few morning activities (help mom with chores, errands, snack, learning activity at the kitchen table, make a craft for grandma, etc.) and a few afternoon activities (nap time, park outing, snack time, outdoor play or whatever fits your family interests).

TV and videos should be educational. Let them watch a program while you have something you can do while sitting nearby. Do this in the afternoon when they tend to be tired. Don't waste their AM energy on sitting and doing something passive like watching a video.

But do let them get outdoors and run around to play before dinner. Physical exercise is vital for their brains and their bodies. Plus, they will behave better at the dinner table and be ready for a bath and bed.

Yes, sticking to a schedule is nearly impossible. I do NOT recommend you even try! But just establish a few simple routines (at least the AM and PM routine) and then work in fun activities along with your errands and chores.

Ii promise you that if you can do this, your life will be infinitely easier and more pleasant with your children. Children are growing and they crave learning about their world. They do so naturally. They only get into mischief when they are bored.

Learning activities don't have to be school-like. They are natural ways to play. Singing a song (any type of song), picking out letters on street signs, taking turns rhyming words or saying words that start with the same sound. Dance (helps with balance and coordination) with your child. Let him help you clean up, cook, garden, grocery shop. It's all great learning!

When kids are engaged in something fun with you, there is no time for trouble.

Motherhood is hard. It takes all of your energy, mind, body and spirit. Take time to rejuvenate yourself. There were times I put myself in "time out". LOL. You MUST take care of yourself because YOU are the one who is taking care of everyone else! Hope this helps!