I just wanted to stop by and say hi to all I just wanted to give you an update of my life, as a mom.

I have to say I am still the same me as 3 years ago. But I am so lucky, and I have nothing to complaint. I have a wonderful daughter, she is so smart, understanding, and always told me "You are the best mommy in the world." Maybe all the kids say that, but to me, this gives me a lot of confidence and strength, when I doubt that if I am qualified to be her mom. So I am trying my best because of her, she is truly an Angel.

I am also lucky that my husband is very supportive. Well, it is easier when we have only one. Whenever I need to go out and have a girl's night out, he is always supportive, and takes care of our daugther. That makes me so touched, and most of the time,I am trying to cook, clean and do all the house work, so he can focus on his business. So we are a good team, which is very important.

Also I got a lot of help, from family, baby sitters, nanny. They're all wonderful, and I do not hesitate to get help. We did take vacation by oursevles before, each time it was a great way to relax and then we will do better. I do feel more and more guilty to leave take vacation without her, but sometimes I feel like if I need it, I should just do it, because I am just as important human being as anyone else. This is my suggestion to all the women, moms out there, take care of youselves, so you can take care of your kids.