fluffernutter6, have you contacted the local twins group? if there is a Mothers of Multiples group in your area, they will assist you if you present your case and join. They will offer you the support you so desperately need at this point.

Also, contact your local DHEC or DSS or United Way can point you in the right direction. Sometimes, if you find a good social worker, they will help you until you can get on your feet (or your husband on his).

Believe me, you'll see my previous posts on when I wanted to scream or commit suicide just because it was too much to handle and sometimes I still hate being a mom. I know exactly how you feel and it does plain S-U-C-K. But at those moments when you know that you feel that way, that is the time to ask for help. Every mother has felt this desperation at one time or another...that is why it is so important for mothers to help eachother and if you lived near me, I would help you.