AsphaltAnnie, You ROCK! Good for you for walking away. I can only imagine how tough that was for you. I've been in 2 similar situations (though it didn't get as far as engagement - I broke them off long before), with total dream guys, but like you, I followed my heart rather than what "society" would have chosen for me. I'd rather be alone than miserable with a gorgeous, wealthy man any day!!! haha It's interesting too that you got to see how the story played out.... and I'm glad you got your happy ending! This would be a great story to share on the Married CF board. Having said all this though, these women have already made their choices, so having this discussion is probably like preaching to the choir. Women are amazingly strong and resilient. It is my hope that these women here will embrace the choices they've made, come to love that they are mothers and can't imagine their lives any different. :)

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