I just don't FEEL that maternal instinct towards human babies. I never have. I have no desire to have a baby and can't anyway. I had no siblings so I wasn't around any babies growing up and I never babysat.

Not every female wants to be a mother. Some females SHOULDN'T have babies. The only babies I feel that way towards are animals. I love them with passion. It's just THERE. I WANT to take care of them, spend time with them, play with them. I just don't FEEL that way towards human babies. My pets while growing up were my babies, friends, siblings. I spent most of my time alone.

I think the the ONLY reason a woman should have a baby is if SHE really wants one. If the desire isn't there no amount of talking, cajoleing or convincing is going to put it there. SHE is the one whose life is changed forever. SHE is the one totally responsible for every aspect of that little person's life until they are 18. It's HER life and SHE has the last say. I would never try to tell a woman she'll grow into loving being a Mum. No one can tell you this. I'm sorry if this offends anyone but this is how I feel.

It was obvious to me that my Mum didn't want me. She said she did but I don't ever remember her saying I Love You to me. We never had any close or tender moments. She was very harsh and cold towards me and shipped me off frequently with anyone who would take care of me. She provided the basics, barely, but as for loving me, didn't happen. It just wasnt there. She wanted to do other things. She travelled quite a bit, had lots of friends and was very social. I was always on the back burner. I never felt loved by her.

I know that because of this I have great difficulties with interpersonal relationships. I can never get close to anyone. I really don't trust anyone. The person who I should have been able to trust completely wasn't ever on my side. She didn't love me and I felt it. Just like when someone DOES love you, you feel it.

Now, as an adult, whenever anyone shows me kindness or Love, it makes me cry. It's just too much for me to handle.

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