And to all Mothers on this particular post;

If most Momsare honest, we all have at least 1 day where we feel this way.

I suffer from clinical depression and bi-polar, so I have more days than the average (I would guess) - but I know it is my body's chemistry working against me. I cannot trust my feelings all the time.

I wrote an article for my Spirituality site called The 4 Stages of Love

It is geared towards marriage, but it can apply to the parent/child relationship, too.

We don't always feel like loving our child - or even liking them sometimes, we have to choose to love them. It is a concious effort that we have to make on some days. Especially those days when they discover that the poop in their diapers makes a great paint for the walls, or they just broke the heirloom vase that was handed down through 4 generations, or when we have the flu and are running a 102 degree fever oursleves- but we still have to take them to the doctor first.

"Mom" is a hard job, it is often thankless, overlooked, belittled, and if we complain it is "well, you were the one who wanted kids." It willbe worth it one day. One day this child will be an adult who will make a diference in someone else's life. He or she may not be a doctor or come up with the cure for cancer, she may be a social worker that saves a child from abuse, or a teacher that inspires the person that comes up with the cure for cancer. Or he may just be a really good husband that loves a woman who has never known love before.

Don't be so hard on yourselves for feeling the way you do, and don't give up on yourselves either. You may be stronger than you think.

Michelle Taylor
Marriage Editor