I hate being a mom too. I got pregnant when I was 24 and my ex hubby was on drugs and gambling. I wanted an abortion but feel like I was guilted into being a mom by my family and him.

My son has ADHD and Aspergers and is 7. My husband and I are seperated. I would say 80% of the time I hate my life and can't wait for him to go to school or go to bed.

I am always stressed out about how he is going to act. I am always worried the school is going to call. I lose my temper and say ugly horrible things and than I feel extreme guilt.

I am going to school, my husband pays 80% of our bills and student loans pay rest. I have no insurance to see a doctor and don't qualify for social services. My family is disfunctional and would not be a good option to raise my son.

When I finish school I worry I will lose every job due to his behavior problems. I really regret having him. I actually enjoyed him as a baby but still I always found motherhood to be very difficult.