What you said is exactly how I feel, squidpup. But sadly, to me, venting really doesn't help me much anymore. I did feel much better after I know I am not the only one that does not enjoy the job of a mother.

But I trying very hard to find ways to still live a "close to happy" life, as a mom. I guess this is a different kind of survival skills! LOL. I decided to never ever quit my full time job, I will need to keep making more money so I can afford hiring baby sitter for a Friday night dinner, or noce in a while, a weekend getaway. Also try to make my life interesting with a kid, I know I won't enjoy it 100%, but keep thinking of the positives. For example, write a journal and put down things my daugther said that is cute and loving. Take pictures of her silly faces. Then when things turn the other way, just keep thinking she is growing up, 2 years from now, or 5 years from now, things will be different.

This probably sounds like a joke, but hey, I really have to do all these to keep myself sane and give a healthy life to my daughter. I can't keep blaming myself...coz that'll drive me crazy, and my daughter will feel that I don't love her..

want to hear of your ideas...utimately, no matter what we do, the simple goal is to be happy..