I truly hope you will feel better. What make me feel less regret and guilty of making this "wrong" decision is to believe everything happen for a reason. The children are meant to be born, and luckily or unfortunately, hehe, we're picked to be the mothers. So it is out of our control!! You may think I am joking or being crazy, but this is what I believe, so I feel less guilty and regreted. So I can focus on living the precence and how to make it better. It has happened, unless you really have the guts to leave your family and vanish forever, I think the only thing we can do is try to improve the situation...do you agree?

I thought about adoption before, have you thought about that? I am not saying this is what I suggest, I am just trying to let you know maybe this is an option? However, keep the children needs stregnth and patience, but placing them is not easy as well. If this is not an option, then could you find a baby sitter once in a while to get away, for just a day or two? Or find a gym, and put them in the child care center and work out and pamper yourself? ....just suggestions..

Hope all mothers have a wonderful mother's day weekend!