I haven't posted here in a few years lol, and the thread is still going. You started a popular one, Jenny, lol.

I remember reading a poem my mom had a long time ago, that went something like:

When I was a child I couldn't wait to be a teenager,
and when I was a teenager I couldn't wait to be an adult,
and when I was an adult I couldn't wait to get married,
and when I got married I couldn't wait to have children,
and when I had children I couldn't wait for them to grow up,
and when they grew up I couldn't wait for them to leave,
and now I see that I spent so many years waiting that I forgot to live.

I am not a perfect mother. I yell, and the kids get on my nerves, and sometimes I just want to gather them up in a big hug. When I read all your posts the one thing I see over and over that is missing is this: YOU NEED A HOBBY. Anything.

This might sound funny, but I play videogames in my free time. What free time? you ask. You're kids are 6 and 2 and you have free time? Yes, I do. Free time is what and where you can find it. So what if that is sitting on the couch for two hours in the evening with my son curled up in my lap while my daughter colors at the kitchen table while I play the Xbox. Sure, I still have to get up to get drinks, more paper, change diapers, whatever. I can pause the game, it won't end because I stopped for 10 minutes. Plus, I get to do something I enjoy, I don't have to share and AT THE SAME TIME my kids have me right there with them.

I get critisized for this all the time. You waste you time, you aren't giving enough to your kids, etc. Well guess what. I am home and not out cruising bars, out gambling, partying, whatever. It doesn't matter. I happen to have something I enjoy while being home. I can read too with them on my lap. I can read while my daughter reads her book and yes I stop to help her with her words, listen to her babble, I can still read.

I work full time and wouldn't give it up. I consider work my "me" time and I know lots and lots of women who are great moms and love their kids and DON'T want to be with them 24/7. That's fine because frankly, kids like meeting other people too.

My advise to anyone out there on the fence about whether they want kids or not: get a dog first. A lab. A big needy puppy you can raise. They are like kids, they have their own personalities, annoying traits, adorable moments, and are trainable. And if you love the puppy even when it poops in your livingroom and eats your couch, then you might like kids too.