Charity - Roses, What a wise post. The mothers here have already chosen to be mothers of course, and can't go back, but maybe your words will help other married/engaged women currently deciding whether or not to have children in order to save their marriages. I love this quote of yours, "I think if you start the actions your heart will follow in time." This is so true!! Just as research has shown that "smiling" actually tricks your brain into thinking you're happy, and you in turn feel happier! Sometimes when we "act" a certain way, our hearts really do follow. I hope all the ladies here come across your wise words. "Acting" as though they're happy and loving their children (especially around their children) might be the very best action they can take. Marilu Henner once said, regarding energy, that "faking it" can often bring about the real thing. It's not magic, but it helps, and with time, great strides can be made. :) Let's keep our fingers crossed for these ladies - I'm rooting and praying for them. :)