Hi, I have to say I can't believe after 3 years, this post is still on the top of the forum. If possible, I really wanted to help organize a service to consel people who plan to have kids. I think all of us can offer great service to those people to let them make a more informative decision.

For me, my girl is now over 3. Yes, she has slept through the night, she has been potty trained, she actually eats pretty well, she is a good girl most of the time. BUT, let me tell you, if I could choose again, I would never choose to be a mom. So for me, and maybe others, this is not a short term postpartum depression that can be treated by meds. I am just not cut out to be a mom, period.

I have more of me time now, actually a lot of me time since she is going to day care now. But it is the fact that now i am a mom, that means my daily schedule is pretty much the same everyday. Dinner at 6, shower at 8, bedtime story to follow... Some days I really just want to eat out, well, that means I either need to call a sitter, pay extra money for a couple hours of dinner; or take her out which means it may be more stressful because she could be in a bad mood that night. Most of time, i just have to stick to the same routine to call it a night.

Life with a kid is boring. It really is, no matter what other people told me. I even hate when people asked you when you will have the 2nd one, and then looked surprised when you say you just want one. Come on, that is my personal business, why do they care!?

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