Madness, I think you have courage as well. Reminds me of a recent episode of Desperate Housewives in with Edie gave up her son to live with his father. She confessed to it being hard, but she couldn't see herself as a mom and knew it was the best thing for her son. I'm sure a lot of moms identified with her character at that moment. It's certainly not ideal for anyone involved, but that doesn't mean it's not what's best for everyone involved. I looked up the DH website, and they had a recap of that moment. This is how it went down. [quote]The van arrived at its destination, and Edie's friends must tell her son, Travers, that his mother is dead. Lynette tells him about Edie's accident: "I am so sorry, but she passed away." Travers insists he's fine, and that he has to get to class. "I'm sorry she's dead, but we weren't very close. My mom didn't even try to raise me," he says bitterly, and Karen grabs him by his prep school tie to tell him his mother did love him. She reveals how Edie found her drinking one day, on the anniversary of her son's death. "Nothing worse than losing a child," Karen said, telling Edie, "You're lucky you don't have any." Edie confessed that she did, but that she never saw him because he lived with his father. "I gave him up because I wanted to protect him," she insisted. "From who?" Karen asked "From me! I tried to be a good mom, I really did. But if he was going to grow up normal, he needed to get away from me," she stated, saying she just wanted to give him a chance. "I love him enough to let him hate me," she revealed. Karen poured her a drink: "I hope you're not making a big mistake." "Me too," said Edie.[/quote]