Yesterday I went to bed at 3:31 and got up at 10:28. I changed one note, deleted one picture, erased one note, could not open Windows Defender (apparently its all ok and will be back), got one information, ran errands in Mont-Joli with dad (he dropped me at the shopping mall then went at Ma Cabane En Gaspesie and i went to Dollarama and Hart then waited between the doors + IGA), changed one note, did one search and added one picture, changed two notes and added two links, deleted one link, deleted one link and added seven links, watched Chopped at 16:00, deleted one link, checked the houses (all 3 still available), changed two notes and added two links, added fifteen links and deleted one link, changed the place of four links, watched Beat Bobby Flay at 20:30, checked one thing and changed the place of one link, deleted one link, deleted two links and added twenty links, changed two notes and added two links, did one search, got one information, put the backup cream for a last time, left the exercise close out for mom to wash it for me this morning. It was an horrible night and a very bad day.