I'm going to do something different tonight before my night routine. Normally before doing my beauty routine at night I get my things ready in the bathroom then check my emails one last time but tonight I will do that a few hours before the beauty routine. I have to stay up for a second Tennis match and normally not knowing when to go to bed would not be bother but considering all the crazy times in bed since Saturday I'll go with trying to get a few things ready before so I can get to bed earlier. I honestly have no idea why I'm not a zombie right now, I am not that tired, I tried anyway to take a nap this afternoon but after a while I realised I would not sleep so I got up (did that on my tv chair), I think I may of slept a few seconds or maybe minutes at the start, after that point I changed position and that is when I was fully awake. If I see myself being too tired later I'll try to take another nap before doing the two things to save time and get some food ready.