Yesterday I went to bed at 22:28 and got up at 6:54. I washed my bedding (technically just got the washer ready because they were both in bed then just dad) and got the trifold bed off the floor then the plastic bag hung to dry and got another big towel and blanket, changed the thing used to buff the glasses after cleaning it (the old will be for sunglasses now), changed my plan, wrote one note, changed the place of two links and deleted four, wrote one note and erased two, watched Ghost Adventures at 10:00, changed the place of two links and added one, changed the place of one link and deleted ten, went outside, erased three notes and wrote twenty-one and changed three and added nineteen pictures and did one search, changed eleven notes, added one link, put the plastic bag back on the floor then the other towel and blanket then the bed and the bedding, deleted one link, watched the May 5 overtime of Real Time, deleted one link, did one search and added one picture, watched Chopped at 17:00, tried to again find the last object of the second page of the first hidden object books, entered a contest to win 500$ from Shell, showed two videos to mom, four videos again to her, watched The Leftovers at 21:00, deleted one picture. It was a bad night and an horrible day.