Yesterday I went to bed at 1:11 and got up at 10:53. I ran errands with dad (Price = Caisse Desjardins [he stayed in the car] ~ Mont-Joli = Centre local d'emploi [he went in the drugstore next to it and then waited in the car] + Ma Cabane En Gaspesie [i stayed in the car] + Dollarama [he stayed in the car] + Hart [he stayed in the car] + Metro), contacted Huffington Post Canada (could not enter Huffington Post - told them at the same time that when i write the US link it sends me to the Canadian link - a while later with no answer i could enter the version i wanted), watched Real Time Overtime for the April 15 episode and contacted SFS for a one-hundred-sixty-second. It was a bad night and an horrible day.