Yesterday I went to bed at 4:20 and got up at 12:48. I changed one note and added one link, deleted one picture, washed my bedding except the duvet, erased one note, changed the other electric clocks (3 were already changed), did one search and added one picture, changed four notes, checked the houses (all 3 still available), deleted one link, changed thirteen notes and added one link, added five links, watched Ghost Adventures at 16:00, changed six notes, deleted one link and added six links, deleted one link, changed three notes, deleted two notes, did three searches and wrote three notes, deleted three links, deleted two links, got one information, deleted two links, deleted one link and added two links, watched Curb Your Enthusiasm at 22:00, added three links and deleted one link, deleted one link, added one link and deleted one link, deleted two links and did one search, put the backup cream for a twenty-eighth time. It was a bad night and a very bad day.