I just saw that for yesterday too I forgot to mention that I put the cream before bed.

Yesterday I went to bed at 1:19 and got up at 10:37. I changed one note, deleted one picture, washed my bedding except the duvet, put the cream for a fourth time, printed what the real estate sent (how many people visited the listing last month), calculated one thing and got one information, got one information, changed three notes, did one search and added one picture, did one search, got one information and added one link, did one search, changed four notes, went outside with Coin Coin to see mom then we walked in the yard and with just mom went to collect shells on the beach, changed three notes, watched Real Time at 17:20, changed one note and added thirteen links, checked to see if my clindamycin review was there and it was, changed two notes, added two links, added one link, checked the houses (all still available), deleted three links, added one link, got one information, got one information, did one search and got one information, watched Curb Your Enthusiasm at 22:00, put the cream for a fifth time. It was a bad night and a very bad day.