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Maybe we should start a thread called, "What have you done today?" because then we can pat ourselves on our backs for getting things done!

We overdid it this past week but we got a lot done! Today, we painted yet another room. And I did laundry, consoled my sister, went to Home Depot for mini-blinds, watched a football game while cleaning out my pics files, fed everyone lunch and dinner...but no gym. I am sore still. ugh.

Like that thought.My to do list is about finished.

1. Friend's kitties..am

2. Pay bills

3. Clean windows on my truck

4. Do 1 page in karaoke book

5. Play with my own kitties.

All I have left to do is the page in the karaoke book. I've played with my furballs, but will make the sacrifice...ha ha ...and play more when I'm done.

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