Yesterday I went to bed at 22:07 and got up at 8:34. I changed one note and added four links, deleted one picture, wrote one note, wrote to Change Canada (they changed my location again), erased one note, deleted five links, took two pills, got the Change Canada reply (they corrected what they did), checked the liquid melatonin (currently unavailable), deleted one link, erased one note, wrote one note, calculated one thing, went outside with mom and Ti-Pit (in the yard then just with mom on the beach), deleted one link, deleted one link, deleted one link, did one search and wrote one note, took two pills (lost most of the first because 1 swallow went the wrong way), called the pharmacy, got the call from a pharmacist, called Info Sante, deleted thirty-six pictures, deleted one picture. It was a one time get up night and an horrible day.