Yesterday I went to bed at 1:43 and got up at 10:58. I deleted one link, checked the three houses (all still available - did that before mom told me dad prefers ended up losing the house instead of selling), played the twenty-fourth track of Bloons Tower Defense 5 for the first time (lost at 46 then 38 then 37 - rank 15), changed the place of two pictures, did one search and added one picture, played the intermediate spider (failed), tried finding the last object of the second page of the first hidden object books (again cannot find that darn toothbrush), played the spider hard (failed), did one search, played the intermediate spider (failed), did one search, played the intermediate spider (won - took me a total of 39 tries), the hard spider (failed), added three links, got two informations, did two searches, did one search. It was a bad night and a very bad day.