Do you like to play games? If so do you play online games? It's a good way to spend time. Last year my favorite website disappeared and since then I haven't played much. This January I started playing the Windows 7 games (not the 2 that have records - Mahjong Titans + Purble Place) because I knew I would not have a lot of internet time until the end of the year. Bella Online do have games but I never played any (tried 1 time but for some reason Java blocked it and i was able to deblock it then i never got to play and now i cannot remember how i did it to play the games eek lol).

You are indeed lucky that your doctors visits you. You are also lucky for your grandson.

Here I am whining about my situation but I can get out if I want to even if it's just for a while.

Nancy {{{HUGS}}}