Yesterday I went to bed at 1:52 and got up at 10:32. I wrote some notes, washed my washcloths and towels, changed my placemat, did a search while calculating things and adding links, added links, showed mom something on the internet, helped mom get some of my things in this room, watched Rafael Nadal at the Miami Open (the first 3 games on the internet then the rest on tv), wrote some notes while changing the place of some links and adding and deleting links, played Chu Da Di on Qi Qi Games, watched the Dallas Stars at 19:30, finished the first page of the first hidden objects game, found twelve of the thirteen hidden objects of the second page, got an information for mom then sent an email for her, wrote some notes while deleting and adding and changing the place of links and searching something, wrote some notes while getting a link back in my favorites and adding some plus searching something and wrote some notes while adding pictures in my documents. It was a very bad night and an horrible day.