I took my son to his back to school bash. Went with my husband to the bank and GNC, went back to the school to pick up my son, but he wasn't ready, went to kmart (the closest store and I only had 10 minutes) to find my son gym shorts, but of COURSE they didn't have any, went back to the school to pick him up . My son and I went to Walmart bought supplies and the elusive gym shorts, off to the hardware store. Back home and the husband went to the gym the son out to play, the mother in law is hogging the washer so I'm sitting up shell shocked that it's after 4 and except for HER I'm alone in the house too tired to do much but stroll through the forums. His clothes won't be ready for work tonight cuz SHE is hogging the washer.

Other then that, believe it or not, I'm strangely at peace watching Joy Ride 2.

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