Yesterday I went to bed at 20:00 and got up at 6:00. I checked my Amazon Canada (saw an email from them that was weird - they were telling me an order was shipped but i had received it - looks like they just has issues during that order but it came fine), added one link, deleted one link, let mom look on Amazon Canada, showed her two wallets I bought last year (still unused) and she said she wanted one, asked her if she wanted my black and she said yes which she paid later (kept the red - later bought the same in 2 other colors in addition of what she wanted), made an online order, watched Rafael Nadal at the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell (tv), changed one note, added three links, added three pictures and deleted three pictures, deleted one link, did one search and added two links then mom checked the two and others and asked me to add one, deleted one link, did one search, did one search, deleted one picture. It was a bad night and an horrible day.