This will be my third week not watching any of my three week shows. I started it during the Olympics while following Rafael Nadal there then I decided to follow him that next week when he was in Cincinnati (last year was supposed to be the last for tennis except that i said that if Ralfie would make the olympics then i would watch & then i figured why not continue a little bit when i heard he would play after) and since he is supposed to be in the US Open I will continue to do that until I change my email address next month.

Dr Phil has replays that I have seen. Judge Judy it's mostly replays too and I know if I seen these or not when it starts (used to watch 2 if both were unseen by me until last year shortly before the tennis season started - now its just 1). SpongeBob I only started to watch this year after the holidays were over but lately it has happened a few times that on some days I have seen what they show despite it being several that I have yet to see.

Anyway this is just weird for me to not do that during week afternoons, it's like I am always on a weekend now smirk.