I should not of been surprised when they turned like that, they were always awful parents and evil too. The day I see a chance to get out of here I will take it and I will never look back. Some people think this is awful when they hear of people who have cut all ties with family members, they are either people who do not know what it is like to have cruel people in your life or people who they themselves should do that. Even when they are in a good mood and are not doing anything mean just their presence is enough to kill my soul.

I am sorry to hear you are having health problems. That is the only place that so far I have been lucky.

I am happy that you can still do what you love. Writing is my only talent but I have not done it in many years. I had this story in my head that was wonderful, it could of made an awesome movie even but it has been in my head for so many years that I have no idea how to write it down.

I know exactly what you mean with your last sentence!