Yesterday I went to bed at 0:04 and got up at 9:57. I changed wallet (put 2 from Ardene aside for my purses that will go with my new clothes but despite looking good these wallets are not well made [used 3 so far] so i decided to use these 2 wallets before started to wear the new clothes and accessories), installed a new alarm clock (broke the 1 i had been using since moving here last night), checked out a contest for dad (turns out its not on the internet - its a paper for 7000$ - good from yesterday to sunday - theres a scan there and at that place they scan that number to see if you won or not), watched Dr Phil at 15:00, SpongeBob SquarePants at 17:30, Judge Judy at 18:00, the Dallas Stars at 20:30 and contacted SFS for a thirty-ninth time. It was a night where I had to get up one time (thought i needed to go to the bathroom but turns out it was a belly ache) and a good day.