Yesterday I went to bed at 20:58 and got up at 4:42. I added one link then deleted it, played spider medium and spider hard on Solitr (failed both), spider medium (failed), made 100$ (the day before they called a man who sells and buys bike because they had 1 to sell and i asked them to sell mine), added one picture and calculated one thing and changed the place of three pictures and deleted one picture, ran errands in Matane with my parents (13:00 hair cut appointment [they went to a store in that mall - Hart - saw dad from afar who was out the store then went there he entered to find mom then minutes later went out she wanted my opinion on 2 coats and after i checked them then saw shirts - we bought nothing] + Walmart + Les Aliments M&M [mom stayed in the car]), changed my comb and brush and headband, played spider medium (failed), found something on Amazon Canada for mom and after about an half hour she told me what she wanted and I bought it for her, deleted one file that had one picture. It was a very bad night and a very bad day.