Yesterday I went to bed at 3:54 and got up at 12:11. I changed one note and added one link, deleted one picture, washed my bedding, calculated one thing, had the internet and computer problem (restarted my computer and everything was normal again), did one search, changed one note, did two searches, deleted one link, cleaned my two rooms (when i finished in my bedroom mom took the vacuum and vacuumed the floor with another brush then my mattress cover so i asked her to vacuum my tv chair and the sofa of the musketeers then she vacuumed this floor), changed three notes, did one search and got one information and calculated one thing, showed mom something then other things then she checked a little bit Amazon Canada then another website for a while, played the thirty-eighth track of Bloons Tower Defense 5 (failed then lost at round 37 then 32 - rank 14), changed seven notes, changed two notes, did one search, did one search and added two links, did one search, deleted one link, did two searches, did one search, did one search and added one picture. It was a very bad night and a very bad day.