I'm in the harbor at Kirkenes, Norway. It's way off in the east of Norway, at about the same longitude as Istanbul. It's not far from the Russian boarder.

It's my hope to watch a (partial) solar eclipse this morning. The sky was nice and clear not long ago, but I've been watching clouds gather - and, of course, they're in the direction of the Sun. We're wondering if it's intending to snow again as well. The eclipse starts in about 15 mins & will be at its maximum an hour after that. The weather can change so rapidly here, we may get through several changes of weather in that time. Hope one of those changes lets us see the Sun.

If there's no blizzard going on, or impending, I may have time to go for a walk on shore before the ship sails. And perhaps at our afternoon stops.

When not watching the scenery go by, I've reading a long report on the socioeconomic impacts of large-scale solar weather events for my next article.