HA HA HA, oh Lori! Your definitions really DO differ LOL!!

Hot wings from scratch? Mmmm.....

Sounds like you had a really busy day yesterday too.

We were busy, but just doing fun stuff. My husband's band played in Big Bear, so we spent the day hanging out in the fresh air, and listening to classic rock. I got a cool new medicine bag from a really nice Native American store up there, and fresh beef jerky smile

The kids had a great time, though for a little bit my 11 year old daughter was made cuz we weren't shopping right away. So she sat and glared at the band LOL! It threw them - they all thought she was glaring "at them," rather than just glaring LOL!!

She lightened up though.

Today... I'm not sure about. Two things I really want to do: Get two of my songs recorded, and get google analytics set up on my personal website.

Deanna Joseph

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