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Aw Lori! That's so much work! Here's hoping things are smooth sailing from here out...

Moving is so awful. And you're basically moving two households at one time :::yuck:::

We just moved, and we are in a rental. I told my hubby there is no way I'm ever moving again --- we'll need to just get the person who owns this house to sell it to us LOL.

I've been out of the forums for the past several days because we're STILL MOVING!!! Ugh. This has been the most brutal move ever. We're bone tired and emotionally drained. And we're still not done. I actually wept. And I don't cry very easily. sigh.

The past few days were filled with more hauling, packing, carrying. Down the stairs, up the stairs. And a heat wave hit. I tell myself that it's like a work-out so it's good exercise. But instead of feeling good, everything hurts. My hands, my feet, my legs, my back, my brain. We've been arguing on top of it all. I'm late on an article for one of my sites (but I fixed that today) and we haven't been to the gym for over a week.

My DH reminds me to focus on the good things and focus on what I want to see and that has helped. This too shall pass. Sorry for venting to y'all. frown