Yesterday I went to bed at 2:11 and got up at 11:12. I went on the beach then the yard with mom and Gagou, watched Judge Judy at 16:30, SpongeBob SquarePants at 17:00, called Telus (my internet connection has been acting weird and slow for weeks - it would start whenever and stop whenever - apparently i was using too much data or whatever its called when we are online - mom told me when i got up that she called them and now its unlimited), boycotted Dr Phil (idiotic feminist idiocies again with a woman who supposedly is being abused and like usual its always the mans fault and never the woman who is so strong and yet so weak - stupidity at its finest - that insanity has 2 parts so today too i wont watch), watched Beat Bobby Flay at 21:00, Deadly Women at 22:00 and contacted SFS for a seventy-eighth time. It was an average night and a very bad day.