Yesterday I went to bed at 21:45 and got up at 7:47. I changed one note, deleted one picture, changed again my location on Change Canada then sent then an email, mom asked me to get my things off my computer desk (the top of it is the only thing she did not clean the day before - she did it a few minutes after i did that), did one search, changed two notes, replied to Change Canada (it was an email about the previous time i wrote to them but it was the same subject), wrote one note, went in the yard with mom and Gagou then the beach alone, watched Real Time at 14:00, changed five notes, went on the beach then the yard a little bit, changed four notes and added fifteen links and changed the place of one link, showed mom a video, changed two notes and added one picture, did one search and added one picture, did one search. It was a very bad night and an horrible day.