Where do everyone here play online?

I love to play on websites that do not or rarely add games because what I love is to play each games one time and then play them all until each have a better score then I start again.

Click For A Change is where I was playing until it disappeared, I still go there every mornings to see if it is back which I know will never happen.

Last Summer I found Mahjonged, they have four solitaire mahjong and I tried two (have not played there in a few months) the 3D version there's eleven layouts that I have to win and the Miniclip three. Before the end of last year I found Playrix and played the online versions (have not gone there in weeks) and there there's fifteen games I have not won (1 will not open - that started more than 2 months ago i think).

Lately I have been playing my favorite games which almost all were found during my first years on the internet.

There's still two games that I want to win (like the 16 levels game i won last september and i have not gone there in a long time).

Today I do not have the time to play anything.