Yesterday I went to bed at 2:58 and got up at 12:02. I changed one note and added three links, changed one note and calculated one thing, deleted one link, did one search, changed the place of one link, did one search and got one information, changed the place of seven links, changed four notes and added one link, changed eight notes, watched Pawn Stars at 16:30, played the seventh track of Bloons Tower Defense 4 (failed all), deleted one link, updated a review on Amazon Canada, replied to a Change Canada email, deleted one link, checked the houses (all available then), did one search, did one search and added one picture. I took two melatonin strips (fell asleep in less than 1 hour i think then slept 2 to 6 hours in deep sleep then had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep) and a very bad day.