Yesterday I went to bed at 2:12 and got up at 11:07. I changed the place of one link in my favorites, washed the washcloths used when shaving my face, changed my plan, played Bloons Insanity on Kiwi Ninja (since i first started playing it like last year i have NO IDEA how to win the first level), did a search while taking notes, played all the games on Solitr for the first time one time each (only won spider easy), wrote some notes, watched Ghost Adventures at 16:00, played all the unwon layouts of the Miniclip and 3D mahjongs on Mahjonged (won none), try to find the last hidden object from the second page of the first book, watched the Dallas Stars at 19:30, did a search while adding pictures in my documents, try two different times a few times each that first level on the same website, watched MasterChef Junior at 23:00 and deleted one picture plus erased one note. It was a very bad night and an horrible day.