Yesterday I went to bed at 23:24 and got up at 6:00. I installed a new Java update, set back the time of the two clocks downstairs (electricity went off after 0:00 which when it came back i took care of my alarm clock), set back the time of the upstairs clocks except in the bedroom of my parents, changed the place of two links, something (i cannot reread myself), the same thing (this is embarrassing blush lol), called my dentist to change my appointment, did one search for mom then after she checked it asked me to buy it for her, re-arranged the armoire space I have in the bathroom, deleted one link and erased one note, did a search for mom and let her checked it out, added one picture and deleted one picture, played the third track of Bloons Tower Defense 4 for the first time (lost at round 49 for the easys round 39 for the mediums and 34 for the hards - rank 16), organised one thing in my bedroom, watched the April 21 overtime of Real Time, me and mom did something to my computer chair (where i put my left elbow the leather is coming off - we took 2 baby blankets and tied it on those 2 things), deleted two pictures. It was an horrible night and a very bad day.