Yesterday I went to bed at 21:01 and got up at 6:00. I ran errands with my parents (Price = Caisse Desjardins ~ Mont-Joli = the biggest Uniprix, Ma Cabane En Gaspesie [only he went in] + IGA [i stayed in the car] + Hart [he only came in to pay what mom got] + Dollarama [he stayed out] + Metro), wrote down an idea and decided to go with it, added two pictures, played the last track of Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion for the first time (lost at round 28 for the easys round 33 for the mediums and 28 for the hards - rank 12), did one search, had a problem with Bell but when after a few seconds on the phone my channels came back, calculated one thing, did one search, deleted one picture. It was a bad night and an horrible day.