Yesterday I went to bed at 2:34 and got up at 10:19. I finished the plan plus deleted one link and added one link, played the spider medium of Solitr (failed), Bloons Junior (failed), Bloons Junior (got to level 7), spider medium (failed), Bloons Junior (failed), spider medium (failed), Bloons Junior (got to level 13), Bloons Junior (these idiots sent me back a few levels so did not play again), spider medium (failed), Bloons (got to level 7), Bloons 2 (got to level 7), Bloons (failed), did two searches and deleted one link and added one picture and wrote one note, played spider medium (failed), watched the start of MasterChef Junior at 20:00, the Dallas Stars at 20:30, did one search and deleted links and deleted notes, watched the rest of MasterChef Junior at 23:22 and deleted one picture then one note. It was a bad night and a very bad day.