Omg. I *love* to do all of those things! Great suggestions. Although I really don't feel like shopping or bringing in one more item into her/our house. We're moving in. yikes!

But Pinkberry sounds yummy. smile Or picking up some yarn and making a quick autumn crochet craft?

What do you crochet? I was thinking of starting a new crochet meetup in my area. Before I moved, I started a nice meetup where I met some great ladies of all ages and backgrounds. Some were really young with newborns; others were mature. Most were somewhere in between We made all sorts of different projects and loved to share our creations! We yakked, ate, crocheted, taught, ate, yakked, laughed. I had raffles and contests, too. So so fun. You're in So. Cal. Maybe you can make it to one of our future meetups?