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It is good to set an intention for up coming days but when it does not work out it is like when you start something you are sure will be successful and then it end up not working.

For years I have set goals to only have them crushed and everytime I have to get back up and start again, everytime this happens the climb is higher. When you already have a depression and other issues like that it is very difficult. Even small things like what I will do the next day end up not working out most of the times (example: the past years a few times i have found 1 new movie per day then added the pages from imdb in my favorites and everytime something happens and i cannot even do that - im now in 1 of those 1 new movie per day marathon since friday and so far so good).

And with what has been going on since November 9 2009 it's like I cannot do anything anymore. The only strength that is left in me I put it in the Dallas Stars (am working on that since late january - set a goal for late october and that date is coming soon - ill see if what ill do then will work or not - i have hope it will).

Nancy, I am sorry you have the depression to deal with. It sounds like it really sucks. I hope your goal with the Dallas Stars works out laugh

Deanna Joseph

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