Yesterday I went to bed at 19:25 and got up at 4:50 (was supposed to be 7:00 - i was too tired to get to be later). I did two searches and wrote two notes, took the trifold bed off the floor then changed the big blanket and big towel and hung the plastic bag to dry, added two pictures and deleted two pictures, washed my bedding (the washer was ready but was waiting for dad to get up [mom got up seconds before i finished my morning routine] i was downstairs when dad got up so mom started it for me then put it all outside - just had to put it a few minutes in the dryer later to finish it), watched Rafael Nadal at the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell (tv), went outside (walked on the beach then the yard - it was not peaceful since mom came with me and we saw dad 2 times then 1 time but for a few seconds a few times i ended up alone so there was that + i was outside and walking at least), put the plastic bag back on the floor then another towel and blanket and the bed and slowly the bedding, erased one note, did one search, watched Family Guy at 16:00, deleted one picture, deleted one picture. It was a very bad night and an horrible day.