Yesterday I went to bed at 21:19 and got up at 5:23 (was supposed to be 7:00 - woke up hours before with my bladder full and did not want to get up so lasted the more i could the last time i woke up). I erased one note, washed my washcloths and towels (should of been today but did not want to do that the same day as the bedding so set the 4 remaining washcloths aside), broke the salt shaker that is in this room (got mom because i was afraid for my eyes since the vaccumm was needed but when she saw the small mess she was happy), watched Rafael Nadal at the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell (tv), added one link, watched Pawn Stars at 14:00, added two links, added one picture and deleted one picture, deleted two links, changed the place of two links, played spider medium on Solitr (failed), deleted one picture. It was a very bad night and an horrible day.